Wulzendorfstraße 103 | 1220 WienFreehold and investment apartment

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Residential project with 65 privately owned apartments with a garden, terrace, loggia or balcony; bus and train station within walking distance.

At Wulzendorfstraße 103 in 1220 Vienna, 65 privately owned apartments ranging from 33m² to 89m² with 1, 2 or 3 rooms are under construction. All units feature private outdoor areas such as a garden, terrace, loggia or balcony.

If you require more space, we will also be happy to plan a 4-room apartment (instead of two 2-room apartments) for you.

A special highlight is offered for hobby gardeners, sun lovers or garden enthusiasts…in the back extra gardens have been created, which can be added, regardless of whether you have an apartment on the ground floor or one oft he upper floors. Ask our sales department!

The location offers ideal infrastructure. Practically all of your daily needs can be met by the local shops accessible by foot.

Car parking spots are available in the building’s own underground car park.

All apartments are handed over ready for occupancy, i.e. all sanitary facilities, tiles and parquet flooring are included in the purchase price. For details on the furnishing of the apartments, please check the performance specification.


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Top: 31
Rooms: 2
Floor: 1. Etage / 1. Obergeschoss
Living area: 44,81m2
Garden 37,23m2
Balcony: 7,24m2
Loggia: -
Terrace: -
Number of cellars: 1
Cellar area: 2,58m2
Direction: -

Purchase price owner-occupier: € 318.000,00
Purchase price investor net :
Purchase price investor gross:
Commission: provisionsfrei

Start of building: 2023
Completion: 30.08.2025

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Term: at least 10, maximum 35 years

Input invalid: at least 10, maximum 35 years

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Kreditlaufzeit 30 Jahre = 360 Monate
Sollzinssatz 1,125 % p.a.*)
Bearbeitungsspesen EUR 6.000,- **)
Grundbucheintragungsgebühr EUR 2.880,- ***)
Monatliche Kreditrate EUR 656,25
Effektiver Jahreszinssatz 1,400%
Gesamtbetrag zu zahlen EUR 236.250,99

*) Kondition: abhängig von Bonität, Volumen, Laufzeit, Verwendungszweck und Besicherung.
**) Einmalig 3% vom Kreditnominale.
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Robert Holzmann – Sales & Financial Manager
E-Mail: r.holzmann@haring-immobilien.at
Telefonnr.: +43 664 81 43 126

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