We have a knack for locations. And for people.

You can rely on our years of experience.  As an Austrian property developer, we know the domestic property market like the back of our hand and are able to get the very most out of our residential projects. We are familiar with the locations, we know the tenants, we know how it all works and we are there to accompany you in finding your ideal form of investment.


Purchase investment flats in Vienna and the surrounding area

What is the right approach to a freehold property project? So that you are able to reap the benefits of your investment in the long term without going grey in the process, we have put together a full-service package for you. Here you can read all about investment apartments, tax benefits and our step-by-step guide on the way to your own investment property that will truly pay off.


What are investment apartments?

Investment apartments are apartments that you purchase as a financial investment and then let out to other people. Your property is a tangible store of value that offers security and stability.

Investment properties have long established themselves as a superior investment model compared to conservative forms of investment. Weak interest rates and an uncertain economy make investing in freehold apartments a very attractive option. With a full-service package from the Haring Group, you don’t need to worry about leasing or administration yourself. This is what providing for your future looks like today.


Tax benefits of investment apartments

How to make the most of tax benefits with your investment apartment

When you purchase an investment apartment, you transform your financial wealth into tangible assets. This has two decisive advantages: first of all, “concrete gold” is crisis-proof, and secondly, it is protected against inflation.

In Austria, our real estate market continues to be as stable as ever. The demand for rental apartments is uninterrupted. Purchasing an investment apartment is a way of not only securely investing your financial resources, but in fact increasing their value. How? With the right locations, diversified infrastructure and furnishing that is fit for the future. This ensures that your apartment will always increase in value.


What should be kept in mind when purchasing investment apartments?

You will find a wide range of offers for investment apartments on the market. But what is the right way to go about it? Remember: your investment will only be profitable if the property can be rented out in a long-term, sustainable manner. So why struggle your way through the property market on your own? Instead, put your trust in our experience and profit from a worry-free, comprehensive package.


4 walls – 4 success factors: step by step to your profitable investment apartment

Success factor number 1: the right location

As is the case for every property, the right location is crucial for investment apartments too. Great infrastructure and optimum transport connections make a property interesting for tenants in a sustainable, long-lasting manner. And therefore worth your while as an investor.

How we do it: All of our new construction projects in Vienna, Graz and the surrounding areas fulfil our high location standards, making them the perfect investment apartments from the get-go. We always ensure excellent connections to the network of public transport; in fact, underground stations are usually within walking distance. What is more, great infrastructure with local shops, doctors and schools in the vicinity is one of our main criteria when we commence new construction projects.


Success factor number 2: The right size

A quick reminder: an investment apartment is profitable when it is rented in the long term. One important factor for success, therefore, is the demand. At the moment, 2-room apartments between 40 and 50 m2 and 3-room apartments up to approx. 70 m2 are the most sought-after apartment profiles. But it’s not all about size: carefully thought-out planning that takes the tenants’ needs into account is the secret.

How we do it: Satisfied tenants usually end up being long-term tenants, which is why we pay attention to high-quality planning right from the start of every single project. The benefit for you: our in-house planning and architecture department also enables (subsequent) adjustments to the layout.


Success factor number 3: Quality & sustainability

What constitutes a high quality of living? When everything is up to date with the latest developments in terms of both technology and design. And when you truly get what you sign up for – no fine print and no compromises.

How we do it: All Haring Group apartments are handed over ready for occupancy, i.e. all sanitary facilities, tiles and parquet flooring are included in the purchase price. Contemporary features such as underfloor heating make the apartments attractive for tenants – today and in the future.


Success factor number 4: Information & advice

Simply purchase any old apartment and it will work out fine? Unfortunately this is not the case. It is much better to put your trust in a reliable partner who will stand by your side every step of the way and make the most out of your investment.

How we do it: Completely individual – your personal contact partner from our sales team will take care of all your concerns. From the non-binding initial consultation all the way to the handover of the keys. And anything you need after this.


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